Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

What is BitCoin Walls?

BitCoin Walls is a Bitcoin faucet that rewards claimers random satoshis from 3 to 6 satohis, I might set it up higher when Bitcoin is high, so it varies from time to time. I was inspired by @Mr. B to setup the said bitcoin faucet since I was about to review a faucet my own faucet hosted at faucetfly but it has no domain name, so I was challenged to register a domain name that embodies Bitcoin plus offer it offer walls and out come this so now I’m reviewing it. At the time of this writing, I was not able to put the menu out for the offer walls since I still have tweaking to do with it. The slogan is BitCoin Walls : Where The Bitcoins Are.

This Bitcoin Faucet Really Pays:
Here’s my payment proof screen shots. Of course this is me but for another person it will really pay, I just funded it with 100k satoshis to begin with and have invited some old old friend to join in the infusion of capitals on it.

As a test, it paid me directly to my faucet hub account, there are also plans to connect to a secondary faucet payment gateway but this still remain a plan. As you may have know as a bitcoin faucet claimer, we only think of ourselves and about our claiming, now as bitcoin faucet owner, I think about profits and how to really better monetize my bitcoin faucet, now as a dear brother to all of you, I am now both, a faucet claimer and a faucet owner, so I know your needs so don’t cry out or complain, how come there’s so many ads especially obtrusive ads that block the way where i can place my bitcoin address, it’s meant to be, and hoping that those ads will get clicked, you know what I mean, but I never implied anything, ok?

Customer Support System
As you may now have noticed, it’s flooded with customer support system of all sorts, for this is my personal principle from day 1 here on the internet is to support or even go out with a mile to help out my visitors, that’s why I have placed there tawk chat where you chat with me 1 on 1 with your issues and getting them resolved soonest possible time, group chat where you get to chat with people who are using the system and get some tips from them first-hand, zendesk helpdesk system where your issues and concerns are saved in a trouble ticket system for more personalized trouble ticket resolving, freshdesk the same thing but if you hate zendesk then this is an alternative, also via email or via mailing list, I will reply to give VIP treatment to all members and visitors. So if you have issues please don’t blurt it out here, this thread is not the place for complaints but for unbiased reviews, go to this one customer support you like either chat, trouble ticket/helpdesk, email and anything you want to add I will add too. I listen to visitors because you have the first-hand experience of using the website. We’re in this together. I am your brother not your enemy.

Plans To Move Forward
As soon as I’m able to integrate the offer walls, I have account on all offer walls at the moment, I will integrate it, also bitcoin games, not a forum for I’m not like @Mr. B and yeah we already have it here, what use is there on an additional forum or need to create another forum for it. We already have BMF. As I have already paid the web hosting for 1 year advance and funded it, this bitcoin faucet is planned to stay for a year, let’s see for another year, but that’s the long term plan, for example, if this gets sold because I’m also a domainer, then all members will and all websites, databases, scripts will transfer to the new owner, and he will have another treatment for you beyond my control. So that’s the long term 1 year plan. I’m planning to add a faucet rotator on the website but a lot of faucet are using unsecure connection so you can switch back and forth to https or http.