AppNana Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

AppNana is a mobile app that rewards you for installing apps and using them. The app was developed by Mapiz and rewards users with credits or points which can be redeemed for cash or exchanged for other rewards such as Amazon and iTunes gift cards.


When you sign up on AppNana, you get Nanas points as bonus.

It has a low minimum cash out threshold at £1.20 using PayPal or £0.60 if you opt for Amazon gift cards.

The app is available to any user around the world. However, the number of apps you can access varies by country.


Hitting the minimum payout threshold can take months.

Low income potential.

Not many apps available on offer.

How it works

You sign up by going to the Nanas site and visit the “get Nanas” tab to get your bonus points. On the Get Nanas tab, you will see a list of available apps, the number of Nanas it pays and the task required to earn. Basically, most apps pay 1,000 to 6,000 nanas depending on requirements.

When you identify an app you want to download, click on it and get directed to the app store to install the app. You will be required to complete a certain task to get points. On completion of the task, your account is credited with the stipulated Nanas.

The value of one Nana varies depending on the type of reward, the country and the redemption amount. If you reside in the US, 45,000 Nanas gives you about $2. The sum changes when you cash out 90,000 Nanas. Rather than getting $4, you get $5.

Apart from downloading apps, completing tasks and playing games, you can also make money with the app by referring AppNana or sharing by sending your invitation code with friends. Each time someone joins AppNana and uses your code, both of you earn 2,500 points.

Is AppNana a scam or legit?

Judging from my experiences and that of many users of the app, AppNana is not a scam. However, a few people have claimed they were not paid in time or not paid at all. Most likely, there is a good explanation why these people did not get paid, some could have violated or overlooked AppNana’s terms and conditions. Among the things to note is that their FAQ requires that you spend about 5 minutes using the app. In addition, once you request payment, it takes up to 24 hours for the user to get the payment.

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