Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Hi, everyone

Adjade is my domain that I purchased years ago. I recently change my wallpaper site into a GPT site. I had a short url site on another domain with only 30 something members and no sales so I decided to have a GPT site instead. I didnt really like short url sites. I prefer GPT sites. Members from my old short url site who signs up to my gpt site using their same email will receive the benefits mentioned in my blog here. Please send me a message for the benefits. I prefer to advertise GPT and game related sites that are Christian friendly.

Here are some details about my GPT site:

Payment processor and Cashout method : Bitcoin
Earn from: Contests,clixgrid, games, lotto, ptr, ptsu, ptc and offerwalls
30 days Free upgrade: You have until March 8, 19 to sign up to get it
Some ad prices: 1000 PTC credits for $0.10, 1000 PTR credits for $0.20, 100 PTSU credits for $2.00, 1 month link rotation for $1.50
Referral: $0.005 for 1 ref but I sell in 10 packages


Basic Member

  • 5% Downline Earnings
  • 5% Referrals Purchases Commission
  • 50 maximum direct referrals
  • $ 4 Maximum Withdraw Per Cashout Request!
  • 1 Cashouts Requests Weekly!
  • $0.25 Cashout minimum
  • 100 Completed Offers To Cashout

Gold Member (2 Days $0.04)

  • 25% Downline Earnings
  • 10% Referrals Purchases Commission
  • 200 maximum direct referrals
  • $ 5 Maximum Withdraw Per Cashout Request!
  • 2 Cashouts Requests Weekly!
  • 50 Completed Offers To Cashout
  • 10 Tickets Daily Login Bonus
  • 100 Featured Ad Credits Daily Login Bonus
  • 100 Featured Banner Credits Daily Login Bonu